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This is Kristi Nebel’s solo CD, “Detour”, which is the project that originated the band “Cowgirl’s Dream”.

1. Detour – Paul Westmoreland
2. Swingin’ in Tucson – Joe Weihe
3. I’m an Old Cowhand – Johnny Mercer
4. Crazy Arms – Ralph Mooney, Charles Seals
5. Bow – Steve Nebel
6. Crazy – Willie Nelson
7. Just Because – Bob Shelton, Joe Shelton, S. Robin
8. Don’t Fence Me – In Cole Porter
9. Heartaches by the Number – Harlan Howard
10. Bats in the Belfry – Steve Nebel
11. Right or Wrong – Arthur L. Sizemore, Haven Gillespie, and Paul Biese
12. Six Pack to Go – Hank Thompson, Johnny Lowe, Dick Hart
13. Would You Hold My Hand? – Steve Nebel
14. Waltz Across Texas – Ernest Tubb
15. Stay All Night – Bob Wills

“Bow”, “Bats in the Belfry”, and “Would You Hold My Hand” Copyright Steve Nebel, BMI, Musk Ox Music
Players credits:
Violin: Paul Anastasio
Violin on “Bow”: Barbara Collins
Pedal Steel, dobro: Dave Harmonson
Drums: Denali Williams
Rhythm Guitars: Steve Nebel, Mike Nelson
Lead guitar on “Bow” – Jeff Moore
Bass: Kristi Nebel
Accordion, piano: Toby Hanson
Back-up vocals: Steve and Kristi Nebel

Produced by Toby Hanson, engineered by Steve Nebel at Icebird Records Intergalactic
Recording Studio, Tacoma, Washington.

This is the first CD from “Cowgirl’s Dream”.  It was produced by Steve Nebel and Toby Hanson and engineered by Steve Nebel.

  1. Truck Drivin Man

songwriter: Terry Fell

lead vocal :  Kristi

harmony vocals:  Toby and Steve

  1. Jambalaya

songwriter: Hank Williams

Mike:  lead vocal

Harmony vocals:  Toby and Kristi

  1. Oklahoma Hills

Songwriters:  Jack and Woody Guthrie

lead vocal:  Toby

harmony vocals:  Kristi and Steve

  1. Go Out to Alberta

songwriter: Steve Nebel

lead vocal:  Steve

harmony vocals:  Kristi and Toby

  1. Deep Water

songwriter: Fred Rose

Lead vocal:  Kristi

  1. Beer, Beautiful Beer

songwriters: Steve Nebel and Toby Hanson

Lead vocal:  Steve

Harmony vocal:  Kristi

  1. Deep In The Heart of Texas

songwriter: Don Swander

Lead vocal:  Kristi

  1. You Win Again

songwriter: Hank Williams

Lead vocal:  Toby

  1. Time Changes Everything

songwriter: Tommy Duncan

Lead vocal:  Kristi

  1. Everybody Gotta Hurt

songwriter:  Steve Nebel

Lead vocal:  Kristi

11.  The Stranger

songwriter:  Steve Nebel

Lead vocal:  Steve

12. Take Me Back to Tulsa

songwriter: Bob Wills

Lead vocal:  Toby

Harmony vocals:  Kristi and Steve

13.  My Home in Washington

songwriter: Steve Nebel

Lead vocal:  Steve

Harmony vocal:  Kristi

Cowgirl’s Dream is:

Kristi Nebel – Electric Bass Guitar, Vocals

Steve Nebel – Electric Guitar, Vocals

Toby Hanson – Accordion and Piano, Vocals

Mike Friel – Drums, Vocals

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