In The Studio

In 2010 Kristi Nebel decided to record a solo CD mostly comprised of western swing, but including a few songs written by her Hubby Steve.  You can listen to the entire CD with the player in the right column here titled “Kristi’s CD”.

She decided on her old friend Toby Hanson for a producer, and Paul Anastasio was on her short list for selected musicians to play in the studio.  They managed to rope Dave Harmonson into playing pedal steel, and dobro on the project.  To expedite the guitar parts on the project they enlisted the skills of Mike Nelson, and old friend, and Tacoma elite jazz guitarist. Of course Toby graced the project with his stellar skills playing accordion and piano.  Drummers were Denali Williams, and Mike Friel.

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The entire project was engineered by Steve Nebel, and mixed by Toby Hanson and Steve Nebel at Icebird Records Recording Studio in Tacoma, WA.  That’s the longhand for Steve and Kristi’s garage studio.  We spent most of our time recording, but Steve managed to take a few pictures in between takes of Kristi singing, Toby supervising, and Dave playing his array of steel guitars.

Is that the right chord Toby?

Is that the right chord Toby?

Kristi Sing

Sing your heart out Kristi!

Wow Dave!  Really?  Only one neck?

Wow Dave! Really? Only one neck?

Kristi kept a full library in the studio to entertain her when the boyz weren't.

Kristi kept a full library in the studio to entertain her when the boyz weren’t.

Toby Smile
Cowgirl’s Dream at Lynnwood Eagles in March, 2015

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